AML SUMMIT 2020 - Virtual

Due to COVID-19 we have moved the AML SUMMIT 2020 conference on-line and OnDemand. The AML SUMMIT will maintain it’s high standard of experienced and knowledgable speakers and will still be run as a conference online on 30 April - 1 May. It will also be available OnDemand throughout 2020.

This is the fifth AML SUMMIT and over the years has proven to be the practical and outstanding resource for AML Compliance Officers, Senior Managers and Leaders of companies captured by the New Zealand AML/CFT Act.

Clients across every AML sector
Compliance Officers trained across New Zealand
People trained via eLearning modules

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A specialist focus is necessary to deliver quality and value in the complex and highly regulated area of AML/CFT. We have assisted hundreds of businesses across a broad range of industries in every sector addressed by the Supervisors. Being a specialist means we deliver industry-leading standards and client experience with compelling value.

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The AML Summit has a wide range of speakers, domestic, international, including presentations by industry regulators. While many speakers are giving their input and feedback on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Finance of Terrorism Act 2009, and also Supervisor guidance, these remain non legal opinions on what is risk based legislation. In no way is any of the material presented legal advice or to be considered legal advice. Should any reporting entity want clarification on issues discussed, or clarification on grey areas surrounding the legislation, they must seek their own legal advice and exercise their own judgement on how they impact their risk assessment and compliance programme and its implementation.

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